Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2010

A seemingly endless lists of predictions about what is in store for social media marketing in 2010. Enjoy!

Darren Herman compiled a list of dozens of 2010 predictions on his marketing blog

AdWeek offers ” 5 Social Media Implications for Brands in 2010″

Mashable provides an awesome TrendSpotting SlideShare presentation with predictions from numerous social media experts. Research-Live offers an analysis of some of the predictions made by the Trendspotting experts. Dan Zarella expands on his TrendSpotting predictions

MediaPost writes that “2010 is the Year Social Marketing Gets Serious”

eMarketer offers seven predictions for 2010

WebTrends offers 5 predictions for 2010

Forbes discusses the probable migration of social networkers to more niche oriented social networks.

Search Engine Land offers ” 12 New Year’s Resolutions” for Social Media Marketing in 2010″. Their 5 SEM Predictions for 2010 here which include the following:

” Expect Facebook to extend their own search technology to allow users to query the stream of user-generated content in their news feeds. When they do, users will find it much easier to get recommendations from friends on where to go for the best pizza, whether or not they should buy an iPhone, or which movie they should see this weekend. Once this happens, expect lots of advertising dollars, particularly for keyword placements, to follow quickly. “

Paul Chaney, The Social Media Handyman provides “3 Social Media Predictions for 2010.”

Folio offer 115 Magazine and Media predictions for 2010. Lots of social media marketing insights. Their second wave of predictions with Forecast 2010

eWay/Direct offers numerous online marketing predictions for 2010

Online Media Daily offers predictions from about ten media gurus

EConsultancy reviews the year in search engine marketing and previews what is in store for 2010











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