Welcome to Social Marketing Daily!

Social Marketing Daily is your resource for daily news and headlines in the fast changing world of social media marketing! Each day, we will scour the web to bring you a wide selection of the best articles, videos, interviews and research from the top minds in social media marketing from around the world!

As social media has exploded with the astounding growth of texting, social networking and online video, people are turning to new methods of gathering information about products and services. Word of mouth and referrals from trusted resources such as friends and family are now easily accessible and are quickly replacing corporate messages that are being tuned out by media savvy consumers.  While traditional advertising struggles, incredible new technologies such as the iPhone and its thousands of apps, social networking and YouTube are forever changing the way consumers learn about and interact with brands on a more engaging and personal level.

Tivo, the iPhone, Android, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter have created profound behavioral changes in media consumption and it is becoming clear that social media is disrupting nearly every facet of business to consumer communications! Those that don’t move quickly will be seen as “out of touch” with their target markets and will be doomed to irrelevance in the minds of their audience.

Social Marketing Daily will provide you with the most cutting edge strategies, analysis, research and opinions from a wide array of social media gurus and industry experts. Tune in, buck up and get a competitive edge in this explosive new industry!








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