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Social Marketing Metrics

Mashable provides an articled by Prashant Suryakumar  entitled, “New Metrics for Social Marketing.”  From the article:

” Behavioral targeting dramatically changed with online advertising, and now social media can take this effectiveness to new heights. Activity-based segmentation is far different from traditional demographic segmentation, and this is typically driven by a difference between the purchasers and the consumers of a product. “


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Smart Strategies for Social Marketers

1to1 Media provides a good article by Gabe Dennison, Product Marketing Manager at Demand Media. Topics discussed include the importance of understanding audience, choosing the right mix of social technology and the critical importance of measurement metrics.  From the article:

” Ultimately, social media is still an emerging tool in a marketer’s arsenal. That social media enables organizations to have a more open relationship with their customers is indisputable—and that is a good thing. Over time social media efforts will, if executed properly, lead to better business results.”

ClickZ Media offers 7 Top Online Marketing Trends for 2010 from Heidi Cohen, President of Riverside Marketing Strategies. From the article:

” As the market continues to evolve, companies move away from a knee jerk, “We need a Facebook page” reaction to making an ongoing investment in staff, marketing, and related systems for listening, tracking, and participating to ensure you’re in tune with the members of the appropriate communities. Developing advocates and enhancing their reach to attract new prospects are the areas where companies should focus their efforts.”

Practical ecommerce provides an article discussing  tips for scaling back time, while boosting profitability. From the article:

” Add a “blog tab” on your own site. Use one page in your website to add new content that’s straight from the horse’s mouth, and allow for comments directly from your readers”

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Social Marketing Metrics

Marketing Sherpa provides a chart that shows aligning social marketing objectives with corresponding metrics. From the article:

” Defining specific objectives for a social marketing initiative is only half the battle. The other half is aligning those objectives with corresponding metrics. This alignment is important because it enables an organization to measure its progress in achieving the objectives and proving ROI. While obvious, this step is often overlooked.”

Brian Solis provides analysis of “the Conversation Prism”. From the article:

” The Conversation Prism debuted in August 2008 to provide a visual representation of the true expansiveness of the Social Web and the conversations that define it. In this short time span, over one million people have crossed its path. “

Komarketing Associates, LLC provides an analysis of social media marketing (entitles social media soup) with guidelines for measurement. From the article:

Social Media Soup contains ingredients and flavors such as Branding, Market Research, Direct Marketing, Customer Service, Promotional Marketing, PR, SEO, and other ingredients.

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