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2011 Social Media Marketing Predictions

Social Media Marketing is going to skyrocket in 2011. Here are some predictions:

Advertising Age ” Once that difference is clear, we can start to understand why communities of interest monetize more easily than social networks. A community of interest platform is so supportive of e-commerce because buying is a natural way we share our interests within our community.”

Click Through ” Now, as budget freezes start to thaw, it’s time for them to consider how to integrate social media functionality (for example, incorporating the power of Facebook comment boxes onsite to provide a feedback loop for consumers) onto their main site. Sites will become a hub to aggregate and explain activity on social networks, and add long-form value.”

Click Through Part 2 ” Brand owners will want to track sentiment and mentions on social networks. Measurement won’t get ’solved’ as it isn’t a single problem, and it needn’t be a problem at all if you first determine what the goals of any activity are upfront, then decide on metrics.”

Fast Company “ In 2011, those brands that truly embrace “social content generation” will build themselves a kingdom. The connections between brand, art or skill and visual communications in a socially connected world can create powerfully authentic appeal for brands. “

ComScore ” Our 2011 briefings cover 111 social media trends while busting some social media myths in the process. We include dates for each installment’s release on one of our blogs.”

B2C Marketing Insider ” Consumers fear a lack of privacy online, an idea that already doesn’t exist, and never will, and government may over-react.  Curbing publishers’ ability to track and understand consumers could hurt online marketing as a whole. When it comes to measuring results, we may be pushed away from strict metrics and be forced to use the same guestimates we already do for traditional media.”

B2C Marketing Insider (5 social media marketing predictions for 2011) ” The real opportunity for the social graph to bring social elements to an existing website – allowing a brand to pull the best and most useful information and relaitonships from Facebook and other sites to their own site. “

B2C Marketing Insider (Turn your Corporate Website into a Social Media Hub) ” 93 percent of people active in social media say they expect companies to have a presence in social media and networking sites and 85 percent of them want the companies to communicate and interact with them on those sites.”

 Mashable (2011 predictions for the PR Agency) ” The recent social revolution changed the game again. Our social networks have taken on the role of crowdsourced news editors. Instead of going directly to websites to scan for news, we frequently only see bite-sized news headlines that have been posted or retweeted by our trusted sources. When we do go directly to a site, we’re now relying more on news aggregators such as TechMeme, or getting the scoop on what’s trending from sites such as Tweetbeat.”

MinyanVille ” So rather than wipe the egg off my face this time next year, I’ve compiled the predictions that I found to be the most intriguing — however likely or unlikely they may be.”

Stuff.co.nz ” The idea is simple: Instapaper reformats web pages into very readable text-only versions and stores them offline. Instapaper now has competition from Read It Later, and both benefit from curation sites like Give Me Something to Read and Longform.org. Distillation (the dumbing-down of web pages) and a logical division of labor (harvest now, process later) played a part. “

CMS Critic ” Context provides an understanding of the content consumer, and her unique set of circumstances. With context, you can match the right content, at the right moment of opportunity to encourage, support, or persuade the visitor to take action. “

BusinessNewsDaily (50 predictions from various industry experts) ” All signs are pointing toward a multicultural Web. By 2015, a billion people in BRIC countries [Brazil, Russia, India and China] will be using PCs. Thus, 2011 will mark the year that businesses either adapt to these changes or get left woefully behind.
— Swamy Viswanathan of Language Weaver

VentureBeat ” Today, Facebook and other social channels are becoming the way people interact with the larger world around them –- and brand marketers are going to make sure they’re not too late to the party.”

eMarketer ” Email and social will continue to get closer as more marketers integrate the two channels with each other. More than a quarter of respondents said they had already formulated and implemented a strategy for making email and social work together, and another 43% plan to make efforts toward integration in 2011, though some are more prepared than others.”

Technorati ( 3 social media anti-predictions ) ” The only way Twitter will make money is if they close the network and charge for premium accounts. However, it won’t work. It would be like if Google was going to start charging consumers to use their search functionality.”

Social Media B2B (about a dozen separate list of 2011 predictions)  “ Marketers should be able to understand what their audience’s preferences are and must be able to cater to each and every one of them in a flexible way. There would be a surge in ‘device-neutral’ content, those that can be consumed from mobile devices to the traditional desktop computers, because re-purposing simply takes lots of effort and money. “

eConsultancy ” I think location + social media will be bigger in 2011. It started in 2010 and Facebook Places will no doubt help accelerate things. But it’s clear how live events (location) and social media can combine very powerfully, just as it’s clear how coupons, group buying and location can combine. “

Straight Talk by Ted Rubin ” Google will acquire Twitter, and pay whatever it takes to grab a valuable piece of the social marketing landscape, and FourSquare, et al will disappear as geotargeting will become more of a proactive medium controlled by those who really know where you are and what you are doing. “


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2010 iPhone App Store Predictions

Wireless Week makes 8 predictions about iPhone apps in 2010, including developers moving to other platforms such as Android and Pre, the growing importance of Marketing your App and Widgets make a comeback. From the article:

” Electronic Arts, THQ, Digital Chocolate and other “big” game developers already intuitively understand the importance of marketing. They don’t build an app and expect everyone to just buy it – they heavily promote it. Developers, publishers and brand owners will discover that you need a sizable promotion budget to rise above the noise.


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Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2010

A seemingly endless lists of predictions about what is in store for social media marketing in 2010. Enjoy!

Darren Herman compiled a list of dozens of 2010 predictions on his marketing blog

AdWeek offers ” 5 Social Media Implications for Brands in 2010″

Mashable provides an awesome TrendSpotting SlideShare presentation with predictions from numerous social media experts. Research-Live offers an analysis of some of the predictions made by the Trendspotting experts. Dan Zarella expands on his TrendSpotting predictions

MediaPost writes that “2010 is the Year Social Marketing Gets Serious”

eMarketer offers seven predictions for 2010

WebTrends offers 5 predictions for 2010

Forbes discusses the probable migration of social networkers to more niche oriented social networks.

Search Engine Land offers ” 12 New Year’s Resolutions” for Social Media Marketing in 2010″. Their 5 SEM Predictions for 2010 here which include the following:

” Expect Facebook to extend their own search technology to allow users to query the stream of user-generated content in their news feeds. When they do, users will find it much easier to get recommendations from friends on where to go for the best pizza, whether or not they should buy an iPhone, or which movie they should see this weekend. Once this happens, expect lots of advertising dollars, particularly for keyword placements, to follow quickly. “

Paul Chaney, The Social Media Handyman provides “3 Social Media Predictions for 2010.”

Folio offer 115 Magazine and Media predictions for 2010. Lots of social media marketing insights. Their second wave of predictions with Forecast 2010

eWay/Direct offers numerous online marketing predictions for 2010

Online Media Daily offers predictions from about ten media gurus

EConsultancy reviews the year in search engine marketing and previews what is in store for 2010










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